Cameron International School Online Lesson Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians and Grandparents

Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in Gibraltar (which now has a positive case), we as a school need to be forward-thinking and plan for every eventuality. We not only have your child’s wellbeing, health and safety to consider, but their learning and education too.

You also as a parent may have been advised or instructed (beyond your control) by your employer/s and/or you may feel you would prefer your child/children to be at home at this time.

Cameron International School is extremely lucky to have Education City; an educational software that provides an engaging and enriched curriculum. This resource is used in school, yet it can be tailored by your child’s class teacher to provide high-quality personalised virtual lessons to use at home if and when needed. Every child in the school already has a username and password.

If you want your child/children to be at home at this time, then please let us know as soon as possible so we can organise for your child’s virtual lesson plan to be available. All lessons will be corrected on the day of completion and if needs be, we will schedule a video call with your child’s Teacher for any updates or remarks on the corrections of the lesson.

Kindest Regards

Janice Pennie

CIS Principal

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