Cameron International School precautionary measures

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Despite having no confirmed (Coronavirus COVID- 19) cases or any suspected within our group of students we have decided to put precautionary measures in place with effect from Monday 2nd of March 2020

Please note that these precautionary measures are compulsory to all staff, Parents/Guardians and students with no exceptions.

1. All Children and Parents/Guardians who wish to enter the school building will need to use antibacterial sanitizer solution on their hands and must wipe their faces with antiseptic wipes. The solution and wipes will be provided at one of our temporary sanitizing Stations. You will need to complete this process at the station to gain entry to the school.

2. Each Child will have their Hands washed and sprayed with antibacterial sanitizer and their faced wiped with an antiseptic wipe throughout the day.

3. All Staff have been instructed as to how to operate within a clean working and sanitized environment. All classrooms will be sanitized at the end of each day to prevent any chance of bacteria spreading.

4. Toys and work surfaces within the school will be sanitized and kept clean throughout this process.

5. Floors throughout the school will be continuously washed and sterilized daily.

6. Please note that all children must enter through the Kiddibank Door area, the gates at the top end of the school will remain closed, Students and Parents/Guardians will not have access to the school from this area.


1. For the safety of all students and Staff we would ask that if any of your children have any current illnesses to keep them at home. Children will not be permitted to the school if they are showing any signs of illness. We will organize

for work to be sent home to your child to keep them up to date with their class subjects.

2. If any of your children are displaying any symptoms of the virus then please contact your GP as soon as possible and alert the school.

3. If we suspect that any student is displaying any signs we will immediately call the Parents/Guardians and ask for the child to be taken home.

4. Can all Parents/Guardians please let the school know if they have travelled to any country in the past two months or have friends or family in close proximity that have also travelled?

If you have any questions or queries on any of the information above please do not hesitate to contact us at or PH: 956 797 078

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